About My E-Mail Updates

Since I’ve relaunched CONTENTIOUS, e-mail list management and e-mail updates have been major issues. I’ve had to update a large mailing list that was about a year old, integrate two mailing lists into one, and decide which system I was going to use for my list.

This has involved a lot of tweaking and testing. So far, I’ve been doing this as I’ve been sending out several recent e-mail announcements about individual postings. But doing an e-mail announcement for each weblog posting is a lot of work. Plus, I really don’t want to clutter anyone’s in-box with daily postings.

So what I’ve decided to do from here on out is to distribute an e-mail announcement only once every few days to tell CONTENTIOUS readers about recent postings – unless I post something so important and time-sensitive that it warrants an immediate e-mail announcement to my full list. I think that strategy will be more manageable for my subscribers, and for me.

If you want to find out about CONTENTIOUS postings as soon as they hit the Web, your best bet is to subscribe to my RSS feed. (Again, if you don’t know what RSS feeds are or how to use them, see my RSS backgrounder.)

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  1. Or you could use Bloglet

    It sends out a This Page Has been Updated message via email automatically. I have used it on my blog for a while with some success, although it went through a really wonky phase earlier this year. (It is a one man operation and still working out its kinks.)