Welcome to the Relaunched CONTENTIOUS!

My online publication CONTENTIOUS began life as a Web-based online newsletter in 1998. In the years that followed I branched out into offering an e-mail version as well. It was great, and hectic – and a whole lot to manage! Coding every page by hand, plus producing each e-mail newsletter by hand, let alone the writing and editing, and mailing-list management, was a huge task.

After letting CONTENTIOUS lie fallow for awhile so I could work on other projects, I’ve relaunched it in a new, easier-to-manage, and far more flexible and interactive form – a weblog. Here’s what your can expect from the new version of CONTENTIOUS…

I’ll be using this weblog to publish a variety of short articles and commentary about online media, and much more. Because although the original version of CONTENTIOUS focused on online media, the Internet does not exist in a vacuum. It’s part of a much broader spectrum of communication.

The new theme for CONTENTIOUS is “news and musings on how we communicate in the online age.” This means that, in addition to covering the style and business of online content, I’ll also be covering topics such as:

  • The evolving field of journalism and media
  • How countries all over the world are using media and the Internet creatively
  • Insights on how writing and editing works in the real world
  • Observations on how people are communicating with each other today, sharing their human voices
  • Oddities of how language is used

I’ve already published several items on these topics. Feel free to browse the archives of this weblog. You can do that from the home page.

Those of you who have enjoyed CONTENTIOUS in the past will probably enjoy the greater diversity of topics.

I WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS. This new weblog format allows you to comment directly on items that I publish in this weblog. Just enter comments on the form at the bottom of each item’s page. (Fair warning: I will delete posts that are spam or that contain objectionable material, but criticism as well as comments, questions, observations, and compliments are welcome.)

E-MAIL ANNOUNCEMENTS. If you were on the e-mail list for announcements about the original version of CONTENTIOUS, and you wish to continue receiving announcements about new items, do nothing – I’ll be integrating my original mailing list to my new weblog’s e-mail list shortly, and you’ll continue to receive CONTENTIOUS announcements. (If you use a spam filter, please be sure to add the addresses amy@gahran.com and editor@contentious.com to your sender whitelist.)

If you aren’t yet receiving e-mail announcements of new CONTENTIOUS items, just enter your e-mail address in the form on this weblog’s home page.

TO UNSUBSCRIBE OR CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS. If you don’t wish to continue to receive announcements of new content from CONTENTIOUS, or you wish to change the address where you receive CONTENTIOUS, simply e-mail me at editor@contentious.com

THERE’S AN RSS FEED, TOO! If you’re one of the fast-growing crowd of RSS feed fans, that’s probably the most convenient and reliable way to learn about new CONTENTIOUS items. All you need is your favorite feed reader software to subscribe.

Not sure what and RSS feed is? You’re in for a treat. Read my RSS backgrounder. It’s a way to get announcements of fresh content from CONTENTIOUS and all kinds of places without clogging your e-mail in-box, and also without losing important news to your spam filter. This article from Online Journalism Review, by J.D. Lasica, explains the basics and should intrigue you. It includes a list of links to some popular feed reader applications, too.

ARTICLE ARCHIVES. If you want to find articles from the original CONTENTIOUS, they are still all in their original locations. You can find them through www.contentious.com. (Soon I’ll be moving this weblog to that address, but the archives will remain in place.)

That should be enough to get you started. I hope you enjoy the new CONTENTIOUS.

– Amy Gahran

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  1. Yes, Contentious has always been terrific, glad to see it going again, Amy.

    This RSS intrigues me – can you do a column or some kind of postable demo so that those of us who aren’t squarely in the journalist camp, but rather writers/researchers/consultants in various fields can figure out if it’s beneficial in the ways we work? Also, this is the first I’ve heard of RSS via your blog, so a “brief history” might be helpful.

  2. Great to have you back Amy! I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed using NetNewsWire, and can highly recommend to all your other original subscribers who use Mac OS X to do likewise.